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What is digital signage?

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Digital signage refers to using LED, LCD, and other projection methods to convey information. At UBC, wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted LCD displays can be found in most buildings on campus. It is a high-profile electronic tool designed to improve engagement and accessibility to the university’s activities and services. Promote your event, display announcements, or broadcast work-related information to the entire campus or a particular Arts building for a specified amount of time.

Common broadcast content includes events, campus-wide announcements, community content, campus updates, media releases, weather advisories, and/or UBC reports. Centrally broadcasted information must relate to one of the pillars of Place and Promise, the UBC Strategic Plan. For more information, see UBC Digital Signage.


Cost & Installation

UBC Digital Signage works with UBC IT to assess a unit's hardware requirements. UBC offers centralized signage software at a vastly reduced price, which means that a unit only has to pay for the hardware and its installation. UBC will also cover the cost of:

  • Training for content creation;
  • Training for software management, application, and usage;
  • Software licensing, installation, and configuration;
  • Tech support;
  • Operational maintenance;
  • Networking and server infrastructure.

For on-boarding, detailed information, and additional price estimates, please visit UBC Digital Signage.

Sample Installation Cost

Below is a price estimate for installing one wall-mounted 42" LCD panel. Installations vary in price and are dependent on the different usage scenarios of any given unit.

System Price Estimate
 Flat Panel Displays — 42″ Indoor Professional HD LCD  $1,225.00
 Wall Mounted Display – Hardware, Security and Installation  $2,000.00
Small Form Factor Digital Signage CPU — Mac Mini  $950.00
 Power & Data — Building Facilities (ballpark guess)  $2,500.00
Total Cost  $6675.00


How do I display my message on digital signage?


Review the Guidelines

Arts Digital Signage Content GuidelinesUBC Digital Signage Content Guidelines


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Design your Advertisement using a Faculty of Arts template, UBC template, or create one from scratch. Files must be 10 MB max, either in JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP, WMV, AVI, MPEG-1 or MPEG-2.

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