Departmental & Program Evaluations

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The Arts Analytics team can assist your department or program in preparing dossier data on teaching and learning for external review processes, and can also prepare custom reports for other purposes. By request, reports can include tabular and/or visual representation of:

Grade distribution in different program areas.

Grade distribution in different program areas.

  • enrollment patterns and pathways
  • course offerings over time
  • enrollment demographics (by type of program, year, gender, nationality)
  • recruitment of international students
  • retention rates
  • student achievement patterns (grade averages, grade distributions)
  • failure rates
  • program completion times
  • summary data on department/program course evaluations (student evaluations of teaching)
  • ….and other aspects of teaching and learning

To request custom reports or assistance with preparation of review dossiers, contact:

Arts ISIT Evaluation & Learning Analytics Team