Classroom Response Systems

Increase engagement, check student understanding and stimulate discussion.
The use of Classroom Response Systems have been shown to promote student engagement in class and learning outcomes both inside and outside the classroom. They can be used in large classes to promote active learning by giving students the opportunity to check their knowledge and get real time feedback. Classroom response activities can be used to trigger discussions and are particularly effective when students are able to engage in peer learning by discussing questions with classmates.

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As we all know, FIPPA requires that all information about our students remain in Canada, unless there is consent. The Commissioner’s office has indicated that if use of the tool is required for a course, consent cannot be deemed to have been given. Students must be given an option to use an alias.

Please note that use of an alias often requires a negotiation with the service, since most EULAs (end-user license agreements) prohibit their use. This negotiation should be completed centrally, by emailing This body will ensure the PIA (Privacy Impact Assessment) is completed and that legal counsel has signed off on the revised language).

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