Classroom Response Systems


Increase engagement, check student understanding and stimulate discussion.
The use of Classroom Response Systems have been shown to promote student engagement in class and learning outcomes both inside and outside the classroom. They can be used in large classes to promote active learning by giving students the opportunity to check their knowledge and get real time feedback. Classroom response activities can be used to trigger discussions and are particularly effective when students are able to engage in peer learning by discussing questions with classmates.
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Quick Guide Ideas and Strategies

Cloud-Based Servers: We highly recommend instructors to inform students, prior to commencement of class (ideally in the course syllabus or by email), that one of the resources they will be using is located on cloud-based servers. As such, students should be advised and prompted to provide consent to the storage of their personal information (e.g. name and email address, and/or any other fields that must be specified in the instructions) on the system.

If students are concerned about having their personal information stored in the cloud server, then they have the option to use an alias. However, if an alias is used, they must inform the instructor of their alias. Instructor must keep a record of the student’s choice to use a generic ID or alias in a safe and secured local storage.