Create/Modify a Course Evaluation

In the Faculty of Arts, course evaluations are organized by the individual departments, schools, and programs within the faculty.  Arts ISIT helps facilitate this process by providing training and support, creating and implementing those course evaluations requested by each department, school, or program, and troubleshooting any course evaluation related issues experienced by students, faculty or staff.

Key Features

  • Provides students, departments, faculties and the University with a source of data about the overall quality of teaching
  • Provides instructors with information on their teaching performance and assists with the further development of their teaching
  • Provides the University with data on the quality of teaching, which can be used for operational purposes, including but not limited to assessment of faculty for merit and/or performance adjustment salary awards, promotion, tenure and institutional recognition

Getting Started

Each term, departments/schools/programs enter all course evaluations related data in TeachEval, so that course evaluations can be created in CoursEval and sent out to students prior to the end of their course.  If a course evaluation has been missed, or if an existing course evaluation needs to be modified, you will need to contact the individual responsible for organizing course evaluations within your department.  This individual will correct the information within the Student Information Services Centre (SISC) and TeachEval, and will then inform Arts ISIT so that the information can be updated in CoursEval.  If you do not know who your department contact is, or if you have any other questions, please contact us using the form below.

1. Can a course be evaluated if it has less than 5 students enrolled?

Senate policy states that courses must have at least 5 students enrolled in order to be evaluated.  However, courses can be combined for the purposes of course evaluations, provided the instructor is the same and the courses that are being combined are in the same term.

2. Is it possible to extend a course evaluation after the survey has closed?

Yes, as long as the final exam has not already taken place and students have not yet received their final grade.  However, there are some limitations to extending course evaluations.  For more information, please contact us at

3. Is it possible to change the dates that my course is evaluated during?

As long as the proposed date range does not interfere with the final exam (if applicable) or the date students receive their final grades, this can be done.  To do so, simply contact the individual responsible for organizing course evaluations in your department.

4. How can I find out which questions will be included in the course evaluation?

All course evaluations will include the 6 UMI questions mandated by the university.  In addition, the Faculty of Arts has created its own set of mandatory questions.  Finally, departments have the option of including their own unique set of questions.  Consequently, the questions will differ from department to department.  For a complete list of questions or sample of the survey, which will be sent out to students, please contact us at

For additional FAQs, please see the Student Evaluations of Teaching website.