Connect to & Work with Tableau Server Reports

Here’s how to find your Tableau Server reports

  • You need to either be on the UBC network, or connected via UBC VPN if you are off-campus
  • Go to:
  • Log in with your CWL
  • After logging in, you should be able to see (a) project folder(s) containing your reports, which consist of multiple interactive pages that you can work through (pages are tabbed along the top of the repot).

How to interact with the data

These workbooks offer different tabbed interactive sheets and different ways of exploring the data. In all of them, you will discover that you can adjust the level of detail, or the focus of the report, by interacting with the dashboard by:

  • Hovering your mouse over any data points displays popup windows with additional descriptive details about the data.
  • Hovering your mouse over some column headers (e.g. Academic year, Department, Course) will display a ‘+’ or ‘-‘ symbol – clicking these will allow you to drill down (‘unfold’) or aggregate up (‘fold up’) the data
  • Using dropdown filter menus at right allow you to focus in on selected years, courses, departments, etc.
  • Using ‘sliders’ in some sheets to allow you to select windows of data.

How to print reports

 You can print one or multiple pages of this report workbook to pdf or paper.

For more help interacting with Tableau Server reports, see the Tableau User Guide.