Connect Survey


Connect Survey


Create surveys to assess student learning and gather feedback from students directly inside Connect.
The Connect Survey tool in Connect allows you to create surveys by choosing from a selection of question types ranging from multiple choice to Likert Scales to short answers. Students complete the survey in Connect and their responses are recorded in the system that can be viewed and downloaded afterwards.

 Key Features

  • Instructors can gather feedback from students on their understanding of the course
  • Instructors can identify who has completed the survey while keeping the results anonymous
  • Instructors can view and download the survey results to excel for data analyzing

How can the Connect Survey tool help me?

The Connect survey tool is an easy way for instructors to gather data and feedback from students. There are a variety of ways you can utilize the survey tool. For example, create a survey to gather data on the demographics of the class, a survey to see how students are feeling about the course midway into the semester, or a survey towards the end of the course to gather feedback from students on how the course can be improved for the next semester. The tool allows you to easily add the survey to any content area within your course, making it easy for you to add it directly after an item, assignment, video, or test.


  • Easily view the completion status of each student as well as the answer statistics of each question directly in Connect.
  • Choose from a variety of question types (multiple choice, short answer, true/false, Likert scale etc.) to add to the survey.
  • Flexibility in adding a survey to any content area in the course. This allows instructors who are planning to create multiple short surveys to assess student learning to easily incorporate it to where they see fit.
  • Instructors can use the survey tool as a way for students to evaluate group projects, using the adaptive release criteria options.


  • The Grade Center identifies which students have/have not completed the survey. Consider using FluidSurveys or Qualtrics if you do not want to be able to identify who completed the survey.
  • When downloading the survey results from the Grade Center, the excel file contains HTML which may make analyzing the data more challenging.
  • The survey must be completed by logging into Connect first.


  • The survey tool is activated by default in Connect and can be added to content areas through the Assessment tab.
  • The survey completion status, responses, and statistics can be viewed and downloaded in the Grade Center.


  • Review the question types available in the survey tool and determine which ones best suit your survey questions before deciding to only use one question type for all your questions.
  • Decide whether you want the results to be anonymous. If you would like to be able to match a student with their response, create a “Test” instead.


Getting Started

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1. How do I download and view the survey results?

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2. How do I see the survey submission for a particular student?
Surveys are meant to be anonymous. You will only be able to identify who completed the survey but not associate the responses with the respective student.