Connect Self and Peer Assessment Tool


Connect Self and Peer Assessment Tool


Create peer graded writing assignments and short answer questions right within Connect
The Self and Peer Assessment tool in Connect allows you to create peer graded assignments from within Connect. The tool allows you to give students short answer/essay style questions which are completed either by entering responses directly into a text box on the page or by uploading an attachment. Once the submission deadline has passed, students are given a set number of randomized assignments from other students to evaluate based on the instructor established criteria.

Key Features

  • Instructors create assignments made up of short-answer/essay questions to be completed by students
  • Students can revisit their submissions any number of times during the submission period
  • Students evaluate a set number of peers’ responses based on criteria provided by the instructor
  • Instructors can view student’s submissions and evaluations, and may choose to upload the grades to the Grade Center. Graded assignments use the average of student evaluations.

How can the Connect self and peer evaluation tool help me?

The Connect Self and Peer Evaluation tool is a simple way to get started with using peer assessment in your class. Particularly in large classes, peer assessment is an effective way to increase opportunities for students to complete written activities without increasing the amount of instructor grading. While the Connect peer evaluation tool is not as fully featured as others such as Calibrated Peer Review, it has less of a learning curve and is easier to get started with.


  • Using the tool that is built into Connect eliminates the need to integrate or learn additional software.
  • The tool allows for multiple questions per submission, each with their own evaluation criteria, allowing for a multi-part assignment or multiple short answer style responses as opposed to just longer essays.
  • There is the option to make evaluations anonymous to facilitate more candid evaluations and feedback depending on the nature of the assignment.
  • The self-evaluation feature encourages students to reflect on their own work in addition to getting feedback from peers.


  • The Self and Peer Evaluation Tool doesn’t include a training phase to help students learn how to become effective evaluators.
  • The tool does not work with Connect rubrics and the way criteria are added is more simplistic than the rubric tool instructors can use to evaluate assignments.


  • The tool is activated by default in Connect and activities can be added to content areas through the Assessments tab.
  • If you want the assignment to be graded, the results of the evaluations can be included in the Connect grade center.


  • Even though the Connect Self and Peer Evaluation tool doesn’t incorporate a training phase make sure to provide some in class activities or training materials to help teach students how to apply the criteria and become effective evaluators.
  • Provide a model response for the evaluation phase to help students compare their work and the work of their peers against an example that exemplifies what you as an instructor would like to see.

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