Classroom Support

Most classrooms are equipped with ceiling-mounted data projectors, VCR/DVD players, and sound amplification systems. Please contact the help desk to arrange for access, training, and equipment setup. In addition to the equipment already installed in our enhanced classrooms, the following portable equipment is also available:

  • Data projectors
  • Laptop computers (PC and Mac)
  • Tablets
  • Display adaptor
  • Wireless mice and laser pointers
  • CD/cassette players
  • Digital audio recorders
  • Powered speakers
  • Microphones

Classroom Amenities, Location Maps, and Building Hours


Equipment reservations need to be submitted by faculty members for instructional support purposes. Students and teaching assistants who need to borrow equipment will need a faculty member’s approval.

Please select the building and room number below for the instructional videos or contact to get personal demonstrations on how to use the classroom equipment.