Audio Recording

Audio recordings can be useful when documenting research projects, interviews, or faculty hiring sessions, sometimes playing an imperative part of the process, but they can be difficult to implement. Arts ISIT helps simplify this process by loaning professional-grade portable digital audio recorders in addition to providing technical training and support.

Available devices include the Zoom H4N and Zoom H2N, which can support direct and surround-sound recording environments for face-to-face interviews or round-table discussions. The H4N also has inputs for external microphones, suitable for field-recording applications.

All bookings also provide a high-capacity SDHC memory card (32GB), as well as one-on-one training sessions on how to use the audio recorders.

For Basic Audio Recording Situations

Zoom H2n

For Advanced Audio Recording Situations

Zoom H4n

Getting Started

Fill out the “Equipment Request” form below and select “Digital Audio Recorder” under Audio Equipment. Specify the recorder type needed in the Comments box.