Mathematical & Statistical Software

isit_math_statsUBC offers free and discounted mathematical and statistical software. Please note that software cannot be returned. Ensure that you meet the system requirements and thoroughly research the compatibility between your computer and the software before making a purchase.

For an overview of product pricing, description, and eligibility requirements, see UBC IT’s Summary of Mathematical & Statistical Software.

*Indicates that the software is available in the Arts Computer Labs. To book a lab, send a request through the form below.



MATLAB and NVivo are available to UBC faculty, staff and students. You may install this on personally owned computers.


Log in to Connect, click Resources.


If you are a student, log in to Connect, click Resources.

If you an a Faculty or Staff, contact Arts ISIT for a product key, download the trial version on their website, and activate the program with the installation key that we give you. For more information, see UBC IT’s Introduction to NVivo.

Request NVivo Key for Faculty or Staff

Software List

  • SPSS*
  • Stata*
  • SAS
  • S-Plus
  • Mathematica
  • Maple

How to Buy

1. Check Pricing

Check UBC IT’s page for the current pricing.

2. Download a Journal Voucher

Have your department administrator complete a Journal Voucher (JV). The form can be downloaded from UBC Forms under “Payable Forms.”

3. Generate a Tracking Number

Generate a unique tracking number through the Journal Voucher Number Generator and add it to your form.

4. Complete a Journal Voucher

The JV must contain the following information:

  • Your full name, CWL username, and email address
  • Department
  • Name of software program(s) you want to buy
  • Operating System
  • Speedchart and authorization signatures

5. Mail the Journal Voucher

Send the JV to UBC IT Software Licensing through a method of your choice:

By Mail

UBC IT Software Licensing
Room 209 – 6356 Agricultural Road
Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z2
LSK Building
Campus Mail ZONE 2

By Fax


6. Install the Software

UBC IT will notify Arts ISIT when the payment has been processed. Arts ISIT will then contact you directly for installation.