Meeting Room Booking System (MRBS)

Existing Faculty and Staff can manage room bookings using FASmail Resources, but what about students?  Many units will have rooms or other resources that can be used by students, but without a FASmail account, students have no means of booking them.  Meeting Room Booking System (MRBS) is a simple, free open source tool that can be used for this purpose.

Key Features

  • Integration with Enterprise LDAP (ELDAP) allows students to login with their existing CWL
  • Ability to restrict access based on student data (ex. only allow students who are actively enrolled in specific courses to make bookings)
  • Require students to provide certain information in order to make bookings (ex. purpose, equipment requirements, etc.)
  • Customize email notifications, including link to modify or cancel bookings

In addition to room bookings, this tool can be used to book one-on-one sessions with tutors, schedule assessments, and more!

Getting Started

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