Making Announcements with Digital Signage

What is digital signage?

Digital signage refers to using LED, LCD, and other projection methods to convey information. At UBC, wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted LCD displays can be found in most buildings on campus. It is a high-profile electronic tool designed to improve engagement and accessibility to the university’s activities and services. Promote your event, display announcements, or broadcast work-related information to the entire campus or a particular Arts building for a specified amount of time.

Common broadcast content includes events, campus-wide announcements, community content, campus updates, media releases, weather advisories, and/or UBC reports. Centrally broadcasted information must relate to one of the pillars of Place and Promise, the UBC Strategic Plan. For more information, see UBC Digital Signage.


Submit a digital signage request in three simple steps.

1. Review the Guidelines

Read the Arts Digital Signage Content Management and review the Content Guidelines.

2. Create Your Message

Design your advertisement using a Faculty of Arts template (see the “Arts Templates” tab) or create one from scratch.

Files must be 10 MB max, either in JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP, WMV, AVI, MPEG-1 or MPEG-2.

3. Submit

Submit via the “Submit Digital Signage” tab. Allow one week for approval and processing.

Cost & Installation

UBC Digital Signage works with UBC IT to assess a unit’s hardware requirements. UBC offers centralized signage software at a vastly reduced price, which means that a unit only has to pay for the hardware and its installation. UBC will also cover the cost of:

  • Training for content creation;
  • Training for software management, application, and usage;
  • Software licensing, installation, and configuration;
  • Tech support;
  • Operational maintenance;
  • Networking and server infrastructure.

For on-boarding, detailed information, and additional price estimates, please visit UBC Digital Signage.

Sample Installation Cost

Below is a price estimate for installing one wall-mounted 42″ LCD panel. Installations vary in price and are dependent on the different usage scenarios of any given unit.

System Price Estimate
 Flat Panel Displays — 42″ Indoor Professional HD LCD  $1,225.00
 Wall Mounted Display – Hardware, Security and Installation  $2,000.00
Small Form Factor Digital Signage CPU — Mac Mini  $950.00
 Power & Data — Building Facilities (ballpark guess)  $2,500.00
Total Cost  $6675.00