Crowdmark is a collaborative online grading and analytics platform that makes grading quick and efficient.
Crowdmark can be used for all kinds of assessments: small assignments and large exams, distributed in-class or remotely.

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How does Crowdmark Work?

Crowdmark an online system for the distribution, collection, grading and return of assignment papers and tests. To use Crowdmark, compose an assessment and upload it in Crowdmark. Then download the PDF template with unique QR codes and print the exams to distribute to students. Scan the completed exams and upload a class list matching the exams to the correct student and invite your TAs to join and grade. Finally, send the exams back to students instantly and review the data visually in Crowdmark. This web application turns grading of paper assessments into online grading for you and your team of TAs through bulk scanning and a clever identification system. If you grade paper-based assessments, especially with a team of TAs, you will likely get big time-savings and efficiency-gains by using it. It works best for paper-based tests and exams with short answers, drawing, and math questions. You can see what it’s about at Crowdmark or just read on!


Create an exam and enroll students into the course.

Download and print exams with QR codes and distribute to students.

Scan and upload completed exams.

Return exams and grades to students instantly!

How can Crowdmark help me?

  • Grade faster. Research has shown that Crowdmark cuts exam grading time by 75%. Time is saved by returning assessments to students instantly with the click of a button.
  • Increase efficiency through collaborative grading. Grade assessments with TAs online, saving time from scheduling meetings.
  • Designed with the user in mind; Crowdmark is easy to use for beginners because it is a solution built by educators for educators.
  • Improved student outcomes. Crowdmark provides data visualization for each question. Instructors can analyzed gaps in learning and improve student learning outcomes.

Key Features

  • Digital grading. Grade anywhere, anytime on a mobile friendly app or on your laptop. Annotations, comments, and points in Crowdmark makes feedback rich and diverse.
  • Two options for assessments for online or in-class assessments: Administered and Assigned. Administered assessments are downloaded and printed by the instructor while Assigned assessments are downloaded and printed by the student.
  • Invite markers with a click of a button. Assign grading to TAs to efficiently manage the workload. Crowdmark also allow you to check other graders work.
  • Set due dates and customized percentage deductions for late assessments.


  • FREE trial period ends on December 2017 for Faculty of Arts
  • Marked exams and assignments can be returned to students digitally without delays, therefore, feedback and consistency in grading are improved.
  • Reduce error from lost or missing exams or pages. If the pages of an exam are in the wrong order, Crowdmark will re-organize the pages for each student.
  • Ensures integrity. Crowdmark saves the image to ensure that assessments are not modified after they are returned.
  • Grading effectiveness and performance can be monitored while the team is evaluating student work.
  • Online marked papers can be backed up and be available for student meetings
  • Data visualization allows you to evaluate the learning gaps between questions and between course sections
  • High speed scanners (500 pages per minute) can process 1000 10-page exams in 20-30 minutes once delivered to the scanning machine.
  • Crowdmark’s assigned assessment workflow requires no scanning by the instructor involved. Students can upload their responses to an instructor’s prompts with PDF or mobile photos of paper-based work.
  • Give your teaching team different roles: Uploader, facilitator, grader and owner with different capabilities for each.
  • During the pilot, scanning of the exams will be done by Arts ISIT support staff.


  • As of right now, Crowdmark database is hosted by Canada-based host Amazon Web Services (AWS), however it is currently under review by UBC to determine whether AWS is in compliant with BC’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).
  • Crowdmark is a stand-alone application for now, but integration with Canvas/Connect is on the horizon. It will be available for unlimited use across the Faculty of Arts until the end of December, 2017.


  • Autofill feature: Reuse comments from multiple student assessments to save time.
  • Grade from your mobile device by using the mobile Crowdmark Application.
  • Any scanning errors can be fixed in Crowdmark by entering the unique code printed on the exam.

If you wish to discuss it further, contact Fred Cutler directly at Fred is Academic Chair of Arts ISIT and used Crowdmark for his final exam in POLI 380 this past year.


Getting Started

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