Welcome to a user-friendly, intuitive online learning environment. 

Canvas, UBC’s new Learning Management System, enables customized course delivery, helping make instruction efficient and effective.

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The soft launch of Canvas, the exciting new core of UBC’s Learning Technology Environment, has begun. Although the majority of Fall 2017 courses will remain in Connect, Art ISIT has been in contact with instructors whose courses are set to be delivered on Canvas in the upcoming semester. Instructors whose courses will be available on Canvas in later semesters, including January 2018, Summer 2018 and September 2018, should look forward to future communication from Arts ISIT about the implementation process. For more information, please visit LT Hub.

How does Canvas work?

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Go to and enter your CWL information.

Start Building

Start Building.

Design your course. Add course materials, create online assessments, enable communication and collaboration tools.

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Launch the Course.

Start teaching and interacting with students on your site.


    Speed Grader

    Speed Grader

    Speedgrader allows you to quickly view, provide constructive feedback and grade submissions in a variety of document and file formats.

    Peer Review

    With this tool, peer reviews can be assigned manually or automatically, can be utilized for group assignments and have options to ensure student anonymity

    Mobile Apps

    The Canvas mobile app offers customizable notification settings to receive important updates to your activity stream and inbox.


  • Canvas’ user-friendly, flat interface ensures a short learning curve. 
  • Campus-Wide Login (CWL) enabled so you can use your CWL for convenient sign on. 
  • Multiple internal tools function intuitively and are easy to utilize.
  • The SpeedGrader tool makes grading assignments more efficient and also allows for rich feedback through audio/video or text comments and annotations. 
  • The Course Syllabus page organizes course material into a time-wise snapshot view, drawing attention to upcoming course activities.
  • Collaborative tools like Peer Review, Group Sets and Discussions allow for smooth set up of student collaborations. 
  • Mobile friendly design enables workable Canvas access from smartphones and tablets. 


  • Simplified interface makes extensive customization of course delivery difficult.
  • Peer Review tools are not as advanced as similar educational tools, such as PeerScholar.
  • Gradebook display and automated calculation features can be limiting. 

Getting Started

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